Dapagliflozin and cardiovascular events in type 2 diabetes : the model of the DECLARE-TIMI 58 trial

Martin Buysschaert Publié dans la revue de : Janvier 2019 Rubrique(s) : Diabétologie

Résumé de l'article :

This paper aimed to review the clinical data on dapagliflozin (Forxiga®) treatment in the light of the recent DECLARE-TIMI 58 trial results. This study involving Type 2 diabetic patients, either with or without prior macroangiopathy, has demonstrated cardiovascular benefits in terms of the primary efficacy outcome, namely a composite of cardiovascular death and hospitalization for heart failure. Moreover, the study has revealed a lower risk for renal disease progression.

What does this article bring up for us?

The EMPA-REG OUTCOME and CANVAS trials have both evidenced cardiovascular benefits in Type 2 diabetic patients, with established CV disease in the majority of them. The DECLARE-TIMI 58 was a trial including a broader patient population with about 60% of them in primary cardiovascular prevention. Therefore, this study adds significant clinical information, in addition to the two previous randomized trials with SGLT-2 inhibitors, essentially demonstrating a lower risk for heart failure-induced hospitalizations in patients undergoing dapagliflozin vs. placebo therapy.

Key Words 

Dapagliflozin, DECLARE-TIMI 58, primary and secondary cardiovascular prevention, cardiovascular events, heart failure, nephropathy

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