Clinical work-up of adenopathy in general medicine : when should we reassure the patient and when refer the patient for further evaluation?

Inès Dufour1, Géraldine Verstraete1, Juliette Raedemaeker1, Fabio Andreozzi1, Sarah Bailly1, Eric Van Den Neste1, Cédric Hermans1, Marie-Christiane Vekemans1 Published in the journal : March 2022 Category : Hematology/Oncology

Summary :

Adenopathy investigation requires a systematic approach in order to determine the benign or malignant character of the adenopathy. It is essential to be able to recognize severity signs, which should orientate towards additional assessments, usually consisting of a biopsy. The article was aimed to help the general practitioner in the adenopathy work-up, as well as to review the main differential diagnoses in this setting.

Key Words

Adenopathy, general medicine, malignity, biopsy