Our goals

Louvain Médical's ambition is to promote scientifically rigorous continuing education of the highest quality. The articles in the Journal, which come from a wide range of medical backgrounds, are intended to contribute to this clinical and educational objective.
    Louvain Médical also offers young people a first-rate opportunity to write high-quality articles, guided by the advice of experts in the field, with the dividend of recognition by the medical community.
    Louvain Médical is also a website that connects you to the world, with a view to sharing skills and interdisciplinary knowledge.

Our mission

    To pass on knowledge through original, up-to-date scientific articles, with the aim of providing high-quality continuing education.
    To disseminate medical information, while opening up to more general subjects, including societal issues
    To share the expertise of all those who submit their publications
    Be an effective communication and visibility tool for Cliniques universitaires Saint- Luc and CHU Dinant-Godinne, Réseau Santé Louvain and UCL's Health Sciences Sector.

Isabelle Istasse (isabelle.istasse@uclouvain.be) is at your disposal for any further information.