Social accountability in healthcare: What is the role of our medical faculty and of our graduates in this domain?

Jean-François Denef, Dominique Pestiaux, Louis Van Maele, Ségolène de Rouffignac Published in the journal : March 2021 Category : Faculty information

Summary :

In a world that is undergoing profound and accelerated mutations, medical schools are increasingly challenged and they must adapt and innovate in order to meet their societal requirements. During the last century, the concept of social accountability has gained momentum, thereby reflecting the need to render everyone aware of their interdependence with the whole society. Medical schools are getting organized to progressively implement this accountability, and its principles and projects, as well. In addition, this paper illustrates the commitment of the medical school of Université catholique de Louvain to become a socially-accountable institution.

What is already known about the topic?

The concept of social accountability promotes the adaptation of our actions to the societal needs. It is actually at the heart of future thinking and innovation in medical schools.

What does this article bring up for us?

This article takes stock of the international involvement and that of the Université catholique de Louvain in the actions taken to endorse social accountability in healthcare.

Key Words

Social accountability, medical schools, medical education, research, family medicine / general practice, healthcare, university, student