How to address sexuality with a man?

Marcelo Di Gregorio MD1, Francis Lorge MD(1), Christine Reynaert MD(2), Nathalie Michaux MD(3) Published in the journal : September 2018 Category : Congrès de médecine sexuelle

Summary :

a sexological consultation is a delicate task that requires a specific approach. The first difficulty in managing a sexual problem is to get the issue on the table. Patients visit their physician because of problems concerning sexuality/ sexual activity and their consequences. The question is whether general practitioners prefer to avoid answering these questions or if they are willing to respond actively. If so, to what extent are they able to answer the patient’s question? And would they agree to attend specific training courses and to work in collaboration with specialists within a network system. This work’s aim was to provide tools for acquiring and mastering specific medical knowledge and practical skills regarding male sexual disorders (erectile dysfunction, ejaculation and libido disorders) and to facilitate the acquisition of communication skills for the consultation (doctor / patient relationship).


Male sexuality, sexual disorders, erectile dysfunction, ejaculation disorders