Novelties and innovations in neurosurgery: What conclusions can be drawn from the year 2021?

Vincent Joris, Tévi Morel Lawson, Christian Raftopoulos Published in the journal : February 2022 Category : Neurochirurgie

Summary :

The year 2021 saw a series of advances in neurosurgery.

Surgery for epilepsy that is refractory to medical treatment continues to be perfected with improved invasive assessments, as well as a refinement in surgical approaches aimed to limit neurological damage, while reducing the relevance of comitial seizures as much as possible.

Since the new classification based on molecular biology, brain tumor surgery has benefited from a better understanding of the natural evolution of these tumors.

Key Words

Neuro-oncology, refractory epilepsy, neurosurgery, innovation, SEEG, robot, selective amygdalo-hippocampectomy, optic radiation