Virtual reality training after suffering from a vascular cerebral accident

Gauthier Everard, Charlotte Pietteur, Gaëtan Stoquart, Thierry Lejeune Published in the journal : February 2021 Category : Médecine Physique et Réadaptation

Summary :

After stroke, patients may present with motor and cognitive impairments that lead to a reduced quality of life. Rehabilitation therefore represents a major challenge for these patients. Recently, new emerging technologies have contributed to intensifying the rehabilitation program, including virtual reality. Virtual reality allows for providing real-time feedbacks, promoting the use of the affected limb, and including specific and varied exercises. Moreover, combined with serious games, virtual reality adds a motivating and playful feature to the rehabilitation program. Results of these last years should encourage the implementation of virtual reality as a therapy complement.

Key Words

Stroke, Rehabilitation, Virtual reality, Serious games