Surgical planning using 3D modeling and 3D printing of the liver: progress made in managing patients with multiple colorectal cancer-related metastases

Douglas Lacomblez, MD1, Mike Salavracos, MD1, Etienne Danse, MD, PhD1, Laurent Coubeau, MD2 Published in the journal : February 2021 Category : Chirurgie et Transplantation Abdominale

Summary :

We herein describe a pilot project that involves liver surgeons and radiologists and concerns the modeling of three-dimensional objects for liver surgery planning. The model is being applied to patients suffering from metastatic colorectal liver disease, with the object extrapolated from conventional imaging examinations being printed in three dimensions and used intraoperatively, with the ultimate aim to improve the spatial visualization of tumors in relation to vascular and biliary hepatic structures.

Key Words

Hepatic metastases of colorectal cancer, hepatectomy, 3D printing, parenchymal sparing