Lyumjev®: a new rapid insulin formulation

Michel P. Hermans Published in the journal : February 2021 Category : Diabétologie

Summary :

Insulin URLi (Lyumjev®) is a novel formulation of insulin lispro that was developed to more closely mimic the physiological secretion of prandial insulin, owing to its faster action and shortened duration of effect. URLi was recently marketed in Belgium and is intended for adult diabetics. Compared to lispro, its use is associated with decreased postprandial glycemic excursions in both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetic patients. When used in multiple injection regimens, URLi was demonstrated to increase diurnal time in range compared to lispro, in addition to reducing the time spent in hypoglyaemia in patients using insulin pumps.

Key Words

Insulin lispro, postprandial glucose, diabetes, hypoglycemia, time in range, insulin pump

Abréviations CGM : mesure continue du glucose interstitiel (Continuous Glucose Measurement) ; CSII : pompe à insuline (Continuous Subcutaneous Insulin Infusion) ; DT1 : diabète de type 1 ; DT2 : diabète de type 2 ; FGM : Flash Glucose Monitoring ; GAJ : glycémie à jeun ; GPP : glycémie postprandiale ; HbA1c : hémoglobine glyquée A1c ; MDI : injections multiples d’insuline (Multiple Daily Injections) ; PD : pharmacodynamique ; PK : pharmacocinétique ; TAR : temps passé au-delà de la cible (Time Above Range) ; TBR : temps passé sous la cible (Time Below Range) ; TIR : temps passé dans la cible (Time In Range) ; URLi : insuline Lyumjev®