New-onset polyarthritis: usefulness of early remission

Emilie Sapart1*, Stéphanie Dierckx2*, Tatiana Sokolova1, Aleksandra Avramovska1, Laurent Meric de Bellefon3, Adrien Nzeusseu1, Bernard Lauwerys1, Patrick Durez1 Published in the journal : November 2020 Category : Rheumatology

Summary :

Polyarthritis is a chronic inflammatory disease of immune origin that is characterized by a synovitis that progressively destroys the joints, which is at times associated with extra-articular manifestations.

This heterogenic rheumatic disease group can cause both structural and functional impairments, in addition to a decrease in patients' quality of life.

A better understanding of the disease's pathophysiology has led to the development of new encouraging therapeutic strategies for managing this disease.

Key Words

Polyarthritis, diagnosis, daily care