Social and economic impacts of the response strategy to the coronavirus pandemic in Belgium

Emilie Banse1, Alix Bigot1, Christian De Valkeneer2, Vincent Lorant3, Olivier Luminet1,4, Pablo Nicaise3, Pierre Smith3, Sandy Tubeuf3,5, Amélie Wuillaume6 Published in the journal : May 2020 Category : Société

Summary :

The implementation of population containment has proven effective to reduce the number of deaths and avoid overrunning hospitals. However, the restrictive measures of containment and distancing have impacted society far beyond health. In this article, we briefly present four research projects in social sciences and humanities that are currently being conducted at the UCLouvain. The first study, focused on health psychology and emotions, has shown the existence of individual barriers to adopting hygiene and distance behaviors. The second research project on mental health explores the consequences of containment on the mental health of Belgians. The third study, in the field of management and organizational sciences, describes the resilience of companies in crisis situations. Finally, the last study deals with law and discusses the importance of collective responsibility and the need for clear rules to enforce freedom-restricting measures.

Key Words

Behaviors, containment, coronavirus, companies, mental health, police and justice services