Cutaneous manifestations associated with COVID-19

Marie Baeck, Caroline Peeters, Marie Cuvelier, Laetitia Fameree, Evelyne Harkemanne, Fanny Ickx, Margaux Mairlot, Marine Matthews, Nina Nielens, Laura Nobile, Romane Thirion, Anne Herman Published in the journal : May 2020 Category : Dermatology

Summary :

Skin manifestations are considered uncommon presentations of COVID-19. Despite reported cases in the literature, no causal link has been formally demonstrated to date. Skin lesions associated with COVID-19 are: 1) rashes that are classically viral or paraviral in nature like exanthemas, urticaria, and erythema multiforme; 2) eruptions that are secondary to the systemic consequences of COVID-19 like vasculitis or thrombotic vasculopathy; 3) rashes induced by drugs prescribed as part of COVID-19; 4) skin lesions like chilblains that are likely to be an indirect consequences of COVID-19 and containment measures.

Key Words

Skin rashes, COVID-19, exanthemas, urticaria, acro-ischemia, chilblains, containment, pandemic