2019 innovations in Neurology

Adrian Ivanoiu, Marianne de Tourtchaninoff, Susana Ferrao-Santos, Peter Y. K. Van den Bergh, Pietro Maggi, Bernard Hanseeuw, Louise-Amélie Cougnon, Olga Seminck, Nicolas Dubuisson Published in the journal : February 2020 Category : Neurology

Summary :

The year 2019 has seen a series of relevant advances in the diagnosis and management of neurological diseases. This edition offers a review of current developments, placing them in their clinical context. As the field is wide, only certain aspects will be presented in more detail, depending on their clinical significance or the involvement of our neurologist team at UCLouvain in the research in question. Thus, we will reflect on the latest guidelines in terms of diagnosis and treatment of migraine, risk of sudden death in epileptic patients, and diagnosis of inflammatory neuropathy. These diagnoses are often not established, whereas effective treatments are available. Some of our young clinical fellow researchers will share current research lines on multiple sclerosis imaging, early Alzheimer's disease diagnosis, and ultrasound as a means of diagnosing peripheral neuropathies.

Key Words

Migraine, monoclonal antibodies, stimulation, epilepsy, SUDEP, inflammatory neuropathies, ICPD, paranodo/chronic nodule diseases, IgG4 antibodies, MRI, multiple sclerosis, biomarker, Alzheimer's, linguistics, new technologies, polyneuropathy, nerve ultrasound, hereditary neuropathies