Child and youth abuse, let's talk about it!

Maya Drachman, Emmanuel de Becker Published in the journal : January 2020 Category : Psychiatrie infanto-juvénile

Summary :

Child and youth abuse is a societal as well as medical issue. Over time, its management has changed. As a physician, it is essential to recognize the clinical signs and know how to think and act in case of concern and suspicion. When a child describes acts of abuse, the physician must do everything in his power to provide him with help, while being bound by professional secrecy. The physician can break this secret in case of imminent, serious, and urgent risk endangering the child's life. Nowadays, it is known that child abuse has consequences for the adults of tomorrow and is associated with increased physical and psychological problems. We propose guidelines for the care of abused children, taking into account the particularity of the Belgian system.

Key Words

Abuse, prevention, trauma, multidisciplinarity, legal, care, network.