Impact of Freestyle Libre flash glucose monitoring system on glycemic control and quality of life

Margarita Goula, Marie Strivay, Vincianne Thielen Published in the journal : December 2019 Category : Diabétologie

Summary :

The self-monitoring of glucose values is deemed necessary in diabetic patients to achieve a better glycemic control while avoiding hypoglycemias. New technologies have been devel-oped, such as the Freestyle Libre (sFL), a flash glucose monitoring system whose impact on better glycemic control and improved quality of life must still be assessed. This study confirmed the significant rise in the frequency of self-monitored glucose tests performed when using the sFL, in comparison with baseline, thereby resulting in an improvement in glycemic control and various quality of life features. Larger studies are required to elucidate the potential benefits gained by using sFL in blood glucose self-monitoring by diabetic in a larger scale.

Key Words

Diabetes, glucose monitoring, flash technology