Health validated information seeking: The CEBAM (Belgian Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine) Digital Library of Health (CDLH)

Thérèse Leroy (1), Michel De Jonghe (1) Published in the journal : November 2019 Category : Médecine Générale

Summary :

Physicians encounter a wide range of patients and clinical conditions upon their clinical practice. This generates numerous clinical questions for which it may prove difficult to find quickly a reliable answer. A search in the well-known online engine "Dr. Google" is, therefore, often tempting and can at times provide interesting answers. However, are these answers reliable, validated, and of quality? It is not always easy to sort out, and then evaluate the quality of such information. The Belgian Evidence-based Medicine Center (CEBAM) provides access to all Belgian healthcare professionals by means of a virtual library whose slogan is "medical information for clinical practice, with one click". It offers you access to point-of-care tools, such as Dynamedplus, Belgian clinical practice guides, and a host of other resources, as outlined in this article.

Key Words

Evidence based medicine, health information seeking, medical informatics, point-of-care systems

What is already known about the topic?

Doctors are regularly confronted with clinical questions. The search for medical information and evaluation of their quality are rather time-consuming. There is an urgent and real need for medically reliable and easily accessible digital resources directly related to medical practice.

What does this article bring up for us?

This article presents the digital library of the Belgian Evidence-Based Medicine Center, called CEBAM, Digital Library for Health, which is accessible by subscription to all Belgian healthcare providers. This tool brings together on one website a structured list of links to sources of validated medical information.