Type 2 diabetes management in 2019: the same cost-efficiency? The cardiologist’s perspectives

Christophe Beauloye Published in the journal : March 2019 Category : Session de Diabétologie

Summary :

Diabetes is a major cardiovascular risk factor, as it significantly increases the risk of cardiovascular events, such as myocardial infarction or stroke. In addition, once these last complications have occurred, the patient prognosis is poorer. Recently, as well documented in the scientific literature, diabetes has been demonstrated to be a significant risk factor for heart failure. New anti-hyperglycemic treatments for Type 2 diabetes and, particularly, sodium-glucose-2 co-transporter inhibitors have reduced cardiovascular events both in primary and secondary prevention. This pharmacological class has been proven to protect Type II diabetes patients from heart failure and to reduce their mortality. These medications’ impact on the occurrence of acute coronary syndromes appears to be more marginal.

Key Words

Type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular complications, SGLT-2 inhibitors