Bullous skin disease

Pamela El Nemnom (1), Marie Baeck (1), Claire Dachelet (2), Liliane Marot (1) Published in the journal : December 2018 Category : Dermatology

Summary :

We have herein reported on the “PEAU’se dermatologique” meeting conducted at the Cliniques universitaires Saint- Luc on November 13, 2017, while being focused on bullous skin disease. After a brief reminder of the clinical lesions for each condition, the anatomopathological characteristics were specified, with the latest updates about their treatment provided. The newest update concerned rituximab that will now be reimbursed in the context of complicated bullous skin disease.

What is already known about the topic?

- The certainty diagnosis is established based on direct immunofluorescence performed on an intact perilesional skin biopsy

- The treatment is mainly based on immunosuppressive measures

What does this article bring up for us?

- Monitoring the therapeutic response of certain bullous diseases, e.g., pemphigus, is carried out by means of Elisa testing

- Rituximab appears to be the only treatment offering a pemphigus remission or even cure

Key words

Pemphigoïde bulleuse, dermatose à IgA Linéaire, dermatite herpétiforme, épidermolyse bulleuse acquise, pemphigus, rituximab