Clinical elements in guiding the prescription of blood tests

Catherine Fillée(1), Marianne Philippe(2) Published in the journal : October 2018 Category : Examens complémentaires

Summary :

For many years, there has been a plentiful literature focused on the correct prescription of laboratory tests. Clinical biology indeed plays a major role in patient diagnosis and follow-up.

Due to the economic constraints faced by the healthcare system, there is a huge pressure aimed at reducing the costs generated by inappropriate laboratory test prescriptions. Several factors (such as guidelines of academic societies, know-how, patient’s urging and information on the intrinsic properties of laboratory tests) play a role in the decision of prescribing tests and in the choice of the most appropriate test based on the patient’s clinical situation.

Though not replacing the physician’s intellectual reasoning, IT and computer technologies will help developing decision-making algorithms.

Key words

Lab test, Right prescription