Cancer and sexuality

Marie Nuytten, Laurence Faugeras, Lionel D’Hondt Published in the journal : September 2018 Category : Congrès de médecine sexuelle

Summary :

Sexual repercussions of cancer and its treatments have long been considered of minor importance. However, the sexual dimension of cancer patients has recently been given particular consideration, resulting in an increased scientific interest and the development of international guidelines. In this paper, we detail the main sexual disorders encountered by both male and female cancer patients. Women are mostly affected by dyspareunia and decreased libido, while erectile dysfunction and decreased libido are predominant in men. These disorders may have a major impact on the couple’s life. We also describe the sexual adverse effects induced by the different cancer treatments and provide some advices and nonpharmacological treatments to manage them.

What is already known about the topic?

Though important, the sexual dimension is often neglected by caregivers in cancer patients. International guidelines are available in order to help caregivers to handle this aspect.

What does this article bring up for us?

This article describes the different sexual disorders induced by cancer or its treatments. It also provides some advices and nonpharmacological treatments to management them more appropriately.


Cancer, sexuality