News from the GRAPA (task force for the prevention of atherothrombosis) 9th GRAPA symposium (3rd March 2018)

Alexandre Persu Published in the journal : September 2018 Category : GRAPA

Summary :

The news from the GRAPA provide a summary of the presentations made at the 9th GRAPA symposium, with a focus on treatment adherence in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases, mainly in the areas of lipidology, diabetology, and rhythmology. The presentations also addressed related topics, such as therapeutic inertia, therapeutic education, empowerment, and the impact of treatment-related adverse events and media controversies on the initiation and continuation of cardiovascular medications. Finally, arguments for the control of cardiovascular risk factors in the prevention of atrial fibrillation, based on recent medical literature, are also presented.


Treatment adherence, lipid-lowering therapy, diabetes therapy, anticoagulant therapy, NOACs, statins, adverse events, media