Travels and pregnancy: summary of current recommendations

Hélène Reul(1), Bernard Vandercam(2), Pascale Grandjean(3), Julien De Greef(4) Published in the journal : June 2018 Category : Internal Medicine

Summary :

Travels and pregnancy are not incompatible. This article sought to provide an overview of the current recommendations on this topic and intends to be a tool for all practitioners, namely general practitioners, gynecologists-obstetricians, as well as midwives. To this end, we have chosen to investigate the following three topics: vaccination, malaria, and Zika virus.

Vaccinating a pregnant woman is often possible and at times even recommended. Several vaccines, however, must be avoided, as they are live vaccines. Malaria during pregnancy may be severe, and appropriate prophylactic treatment should therefore be prescribed.

Zika virus infection is associated with high risks for pregnant women. Appropriate precautions designed for pregnant women, women who plan to have a child, and partners of pregnant women have been summarized in this article.

These guidelines based on national and international recommendations likely evolve over time and should therefore be updated on a regular basis.

What does this article bring up for us?

- A tool intended for different practitioners in order to provide advice and guidance to pregnant women wishing to travel.

- Updated recommendations based on national and international publications.

Key words

Pregnancy, travels, vaccine, malaria, Zika virus