Surgical modalities and indications in hip pathologies

Olivier Cornu, Maite Van Cauter, Christine Detrembleur, Jean-Emile Dubuc Published in the journal : May 2018 Category : Congrès UCL de Médecine Générale

Summary :

Whereas surgical repair of severe bone or tendon traumas must be undertaken as soon as possible so as to prevent significant functional deficit, hip surgery is only performed in symptomatic patients, after considering its potential benefit in preventing osteoarthritis and the need for joint replacement. Prosthetic joint replacement provides good results, but it should not be performed too early in order not to disappoint the patient and expose him to subsequent surgical revision.

Key Words

Surgical indications, hip, fracture, metabolic disease, dysplasia, femoroacetabular impingement, coxarthrosis, osteonecrosis