Glycemic self-monitoring: benefit-cost ratio

Vanessa Preumont, Stéphanie Rouhard Published in the journal : March 2018 Category : Diabétologie

Summary :

The FreeStyle Libre® and Guardian Connect® glucose monitors are currently available in Belgium for patients with Type 1 diabetes and for subjects without residual insulin secretion. The FreeStyle Libre® device was designed to replace the recommended finger-stick glucose monitoring, without any need of calibration. Accuracy is comparable to that pertaining to currently available real-time continuous glucose monitoring. The system can be used in adults, children, and during pregnancy. In randomized trials, its use was reported associated with a reduction in hypoglycemia and, in observational studies, with an improvement in glycated hemoglobin levels. User satisfaction was proven high, with relatively few adverse events. Glucose data can be summarized as ambulatory profile in order to facilitate insulin dose adjustments. Further trials are needed in order to assess the long-term impact on both glycated hemoglobin and quality of life.

Key Words

Type 1 diabetes, glucose monitors, FreeStyle® Libre, Guardian Connect®