Progress in anesthesiology. What to remember from 2017?

Charles Lebrun-Lambeau, Alexandre Stouffs, Victoria Van Regemorter, Philippe Dubois, Thierry Pirotte, Michel Van Dyck, Christine Watremez, Mona Momeni, Cristel Sanchez Torres Published in the journal : February 2018 Category : Anesthesiology

Summary :

Progress in anesthesia in recent years has not been abrupt but rather progressive. Although there was no real innovation in 2017, we have seen some progress in our practices, due to a better understanding of anatomy, physiology and pharmacology, associated with better intraoperative monitoring. All this now contributes to increased safety throughout the perioperative period.

In our article, we highlight the increasing use of EEG monitoring, along with the continuous evaluation of the anesthesia depth since 2017, rendering it possible to avoid any either “too light” or “too deep” anesthesia. We will also address the need for safer neuromuscular blockers, as well as the enormous advancement made possible by developments in ultrasound.

Key words

Perioperative, consciousness monitors, delirium, cognitive impairment, POCD, neuromuscular blockade, ultrasounds, loco-regional anesthesia, vascular access