Retinal vein occlusion: what is the role of thrombophilia?

Gianfilippo Nifosì Published in the journal : November 2017 Category : Ophtalmology

Summary :

Retinal vein occlusion is the second most common retinal vascular disease, with an increased incidence in elderly patients with cardiovascular risk factors. While ocular hypertension appears to be the main local factor, thrombophilia plays a major role in young subjects, in people without risk factors, in the presence of positive personal history for venous thromboembolic disease, during pregnancy, as well as in the event of bilateral occlusion. In these circumstances, congenital or acquired predisposing factors should be searched for. The role of new local treatments, anticoagulant therapy, and long-term prophylaxis is discussed in the present article.

Key Words

Thrombophilia, retinal circulation, hyperviscosity, anticoagulation