Melanoma diagnosis and treatment

Laurine Sacré (1), Isabelle Tromme (1), Jean-François Baurain (2), Benoit Lengelé (3), Marie Baeck (1) Published in the journal : April 2017 Category : Dermatology

Summary :

We report here on the "PEAU’se dermatologique" meeting, held on January 16, 2016, focusing on melanoma diagnosis and new treatments. Doctor I. Tromme presented her thesis results concerning melanoma detection by means of optical and digital dermoscopy. Professor JF. Baurain provided us with a better understanding of new systemic therapies for metastatic melanomas. Lastly, Professor B. Lengelé shared with us his experience in electrochemotherapy for managing primary or metastatic cutaneous tumors.

Key Words

Melanoma, optical and digital dermoscopy, targeted therapy, electrochemotherapy

What is already known about the topic?

- Following early diagnosis and treatment, cutaneous melanoma exhibits excellent prognosis.

- On the other hand, melanomas may prove aggressive in later stages.

- Prevention and early diagnosis are therefore crucial.

- At the metastatic stage, there is not yet an effective curative treatment, though promising new therapies are presently emerging.

What does this article bring up for us?

- We report on the contribution of optical and digital dermoscopy in the early melanoma diagnosis, resulting in reduced associated costs.

- We shed light on emerging systemic treatments for advanced melanomas.

- We briefly describe the principles of electrochemotherapy.