Contribution of new technologies in motor and cognitive rehabilitation of brain-injured patients

Stéphanie Dehem, Gaëtan Stoquart, Vincenza Montedoro, Martin Edwards, Sophie Heins, Bruno Dehez, Thierry Lejeune Published in the journal : February 2017 Category : Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine

Summary :

Following cerebral injury, motor and cognitive disorders are common, and rehabilitation can prove challenging, for both patients and therapists. In recent years, robotics and serious games have been widely developed in this area in order to increase the functional recovery of patients. Robotics enable an intensification of therapy, assist patients in moving, and provide prompt feedback. As for the serious games, they make reeducation more funny and motivating; furthermore, the game’s difficulty level continuously adapts to the patient’s performances. These two complementary technologies do appear promising for the rehabilitation of brain-injured patients

Key words

Robotic, serious game, neurorehabilitation, stroke