O.S. Descamps Published in the journal : November 2016 Category : GRAPA

Summary :

A recent broadcast of the ARTE channel titled "Cholestérol: le grand bluff" was questioning one of the most solid pillar of cardiovascular prevention: the role of cholesterol in cardiovascular disease and the usefulness of the drugs lowering cholesterol to prevent this disease. It raised many reactions amongst our patients creating doubt on the justification of their treatment for their high cholesterol. To face such "denial" attitude, the Belgian Association of Patients with Familial Hypercholesterolemia (www.belchol.be) and the Belgian Society of Atherosclerosis (Belgian Society of Atherosclerosis) responded by sending a letter to the President and the Director of Arte as well as the Manager of the show. Louvain Medical reproduced here this letter.

Key Words

Cholesterol, cardiovascular prevention, statin, polemic