Psycho-sexology accompanying preimplantation in erectile dysfunction patients

Ch. Debois Published in the journal : October 2016 Category : Pathologie sexuelle masculine

Summary :

For patients suffering from erectile dysfunction resistant to medical treatment, surgical implantation of a penile prosthesis is a potential therapeutic solution. At the urology department of the Liege University Hospital (CETISM), a psycho-sexologic interview is proposed to the man and his partner prior to performing the implantation procedure. This check up may likely reveal the false beliefs of both the man and his partner about the implant and can identify the patient's psychopathological disturbances, while further exploring the couple's relational, emotional, cognitive and erotic life, all of which can influence the psychological outcome of the implant. This consultation is meant to provide information regarding the prosthesis and identify the resources of the couple enabling them to rehabilitate an alive intimacy after surgery. This pre-intervention interview has been shown to optimize the satisfaction rates following penile prosthetic implantation.

Key Words

Erectile dysfunction, penile prosthesis, psycho-sexologic interview, couple