Enhanced recovery or “Fast-Track” following colorectal surgery: 10 years later...

A. Hartman, D. Leonard, R. Bachmann, N. Abbes Orabi , Ch. Remue, A. Kartheuser, Au nom du groupe intermétiers Fast-Track Published in the journal : May 2016 Category : Sortie de l'hôpital

Summary :

The concept of enhanced recovery, also termed "Fast-Track", was introduced in Denmark in the 1990’s by Henrik Kehlet with the aim to improve post-surgery recovery. This multimodal approach seeks to reduce surgical stress through optimized patient care in the pre-, intra-, and postoperative periods. In light of the most recent literature, this article provides a review of the different enhanced recovery program items that we have been using for the past 10 years in our colorectal surgery unit.


ERAS (Enhanced Recovery Afer Surgery), Fast-Track, colorectal surgery