Renal autotransplantation in the loin pain hematuria syndrome: epilog

J. Ravaux Published in the journal : April 2016 Category : Lettre à l'Editeur

Summary :

In June 2015, we reported the case of a 29-year-old woman with loin pain hematuria syndrome treated by right renal autotransplantation(1). This was the second renal autotransplantation performed in our hospital. Surgery led to complete remission, with total resolution of pain. Seven months later, the patient reported severe left flank pain, requiring high doses of analgesics, such as gabapentin, tramadol, and oxycodone. Owing to the good results of the first autotransplantation, we performed a left renal autotransplantation in December 2015. The patient was discharged on the 4th postoperative day with normal renal function but persistent microscopic hematuria. She no longer needed analgesics and resumed normal daily activities. This second experience seems to confirm our first observation: the first renal autotransplantation allowed for a complete resolution of pain over a 28-year follow-up. This case further supports the role of renal autotransplantation in the treatment of loin pain hematuria syndrome.