Strategies for reducing the environmental impact of healthcare – a systemic approach

David Grimaldi (1), François Roucoux (2), Anne Berquin (3) Published in the journal : January 2024 Category : Durabilité et Soins de Santé: Quels Défis pour le Futur

Summary :

From a systemic perspective, the healthcare system can be seen as an open system, involving flows of energy and materials, and producing greenhouse gases and waste besides healthcare. It is estimated that healthcare consumes between 4% to 7% mineral resources, metals, and fossil fuels used on earth each year, and produces more than 5% of all greenhouse gas emissions. To reduce this impact, it is necessary to combine an “item-by-item” approach with a more global and systemic one, which will require far-reaching changes. A few examples are given, particularly concerning the use of information and communication technologies


Healthcare waste, environmental impact, global, systemic approach