Outdoor physical activity and the health of future generations: a link between the environment, physical activity, and pediatrics

Nicolas Peeters (1), Lucie Vancraeynest (2) Published in the journal : January 2024 Category : Durabilité et Soins de Santé: Quels Défis pour le Futur

Summary :

The health benefits of physical activities for children and adolescents are numerous and widely documented. While the World Health Organization recommendations for physical activity are clear, only 27 to 33% of children and adolescents worldwide achieve them. Belgium is no exception, with a very low percentage of children and adolescents having adequate levels of physical activity. In addition to various mental and physical health benefits of nature, the outside environment can play a role in promoting physical activities. Children and adolescents in contact with green spaces reportedly have higher levels of physical activity and less sedentary habits. In the outdoor environment, children exercise more intensively and spontaneously. Outdoor physical activities are likely to have a positive impact on young people’s health and general physical activity levels. Getting children outside more often and reconnecting them to nature can play an interesting role in the health of future generations.


Outdoor physical activity, environment, pediatrics