Health for life... it is possible and desirable! Or how the concept of positive health can open up new perspectives

Jean Hermesse Published in the journal : January 2024 Category : Durabilité et Soins de Santé: Quels Défis pour le Futur

Summary :

Three great challenges are having a huge impact on health: major health inequalities, insufficient recognition of the socio-economic determinants of health, and an ageing population. Despite these well-known realities, our institutions remain focused on curative care based on a negative definition of health (absence of disease). The concept of positive health defines health as the ability to adapt and gain control when facing life’s social, physical, and emotional challenges. With its six dimensions (physical function, mental well-being, meaning of life, quality of life, social participation, and daily functioning), it offers an alternative, global vision of health. This unifying concept encourages the commitment of all players (schools, local authorities, town planners, social services, associations, healthcare professionals, etc.) in concrete projects, some of which have already proved their worth. A few examples are described here.


Positive health, ageing, social inequalities, challenges, global vision