Sexual assaults on very young children (0-6 years)

Jean-Yves Hayez (1), Hélène Romano (2) Published in the journal : October 2023 Category : Pédopsychiatrie

Summary :

Although sexual violence against children seems to be better recognized and managed nowadays, one age category of victims is totally forgotten: babies and very young children. It is extreme abuse, given the vulnerability of the victims.

Nevertheless, it is a real problem and the lack of publications on this subject can only make us worry, as it probably leaves many situations unaddressed.

The main objective of this article is to describe the specificity of sexual assaults on young children and to better identify signs likely to alert healthcare professionals.

This article is based on our clinical experience and qualitative data collected throughout our years of experience.

Our fieldwork has enabled us to propose a summary table of the basic identification elements present in very young children who have been assaulted.


Baby, toddler, sexual assault, rape, severe abuse, post-traumatic stress disorder, management