Pyroglutamic acidemia in an elderly patient

Maxime Cuylits (1), Christophe Dumont (2), Blaise Anthonissen (3), Denis Glorieux (4), Ioana Almas (5) Published in the journal : September 2023 Category : Clinical Report

Summary :

Pyroglutamic acidemia, initially described in the pediatric population due to inborn enzymatic deficiencies, is a relatively unknown cause of high anion gap metabolic acidosis (1). Acquired pyroglutamic acidemia is mostly diagnosed in malnourished women suffering from a chronic illness and with a history of chronic acetaminophen use (2). During the past decade, several cases of flucloxacillin- and paracetamol-induced pyroglutamic acidosis have been reported (3,4). We herein report a case of a patient diagnosed with pyroglutamic acidosis in the context of concomitant paracetamol and flucloxacillin treatment. This case report highlights the need to consider pyroglutamic acidosis in the differential diagnosis of high anion gap metabolic acidosis, given its reversibility under appropriate management.


Pyroglutamic acidemia, elderly, pathophysiology