Mobile pediatric psychiatry intervention and care network: Clinical case study of a mother- infant attachment disorder

Karim Odr (1), Caroline Grégoire (2), Julia Plat (2), Jessy Poels (2) Published in the journal : September 2023 Category : Psychiatrie infanto-juvénile

Summary :

This article presents the advantages of mobile intervention in perinatal child psychiatry and the collaboration among healthcare professionals to provide individualized care to infants and families facing mental health challenges. After describing the framework of mobile intervention in perinatal child psychiatry, a clinical case is presented, outlining the analysis of the request, the initial observations, the establishment of a network around the family, and the clinical evolution. Guidelines for networked care and the benefits of this approach are also detailed. This article emphasizes the importance of a flexible and collaborative approach to ensure tailored care for infants and their families.

What is already known about the topic?

Perinatal work is crucial for preventing mental health disorders in infants. By intervening early, comprehensively, and in close collaboration with the healthcare network, it is possible to promote harmonious psychological development and prevent long-term complications.

What does this article bring up for us?

This article highlights the benefits of mobile perinatal psychiatric intervention and collaboration within healthcare networks to provide comprehensive and appropriate care for vulnerable infants and children in psychologically vulnerable situations.


Perinatal psychiatry, mobile team, healthcare network