Innovations during 2022 in pulmonology

Charlotte Smetcoren, Gimbada Benny Mwenge, Thierry Pieters, Françoise Pirson, Gregory Reychler, Giuseppe Liistro, Sophie Gohy, Antoine Froidure, Charles Pilette Published in the journal : February 2023 Category : Pneumology

Summary :

Respiratory medicine is progressively becoming a personalized care due to a better understanding of the pathophysiological mechanisms underlying the endotypes of pulmonary diseases, either frequent (sleep apnea syndrome, lung cancer, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, asthma, and allergies) or rarer (interstitial lung diseases, cystic fibrosis), in addition to more generic care benefiting to most patients (e.g., environmental avoidance measures, physical exercise). This article describes those inspiring concepts applied to major respiratory diseases by presenting major advances made in 2022.

Key Words

Personalized medicine, chronic pulmonary diseases, revalidation