Innovations 2022 in Hemostasis and thrombosis

Cédric Hermans, Catherine Lambert Published in the journal : February 2023 Category : Hémostase – Thrombose

Summary :

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We summarize hereafter five topics that caught our attention in 2022, related to anticoagulants and hemophilia. First, we will address rivaroxaban treatment of atrial fibrillation (AF) associated with rheumatic valve disease. We then discuss the role of new anticoagulants targeting Factor XI in both the prevention of AF-related thromboembolic events and recurrent ischemic stroke. With respect to hemophilia, we detail the results of the largest ever conducted gene therapy study in patients with severe Factor VIII (FVIII) deficiency. We conclude with the therapeutic successes of emicizumab, a bispecific antibody mimicking FVIII, which has been shown to be effective in patients with non-severe hemophilia A (Haven 6) and in newborn with severe hemophilia A (Haven 7).

Key Words

Anticoagulants, hemophilia A, atrial fibrillation, bispecific antibody