Use of a molecular multiplex real-time PCR system (BD MAX™) for enteric pathogens detection in microbiology laboratory

Ekaterina Melnik, Denis Daspremont, Tatiana Roy, Valérie Verbelen, Gatien Roussel Published in the journal : January 2023 Category : Microbiology

Summary :

The development of molecular biology led to a new diagnostic tactic for gastrointestinal infections: a syndromic approach, which led to the development of numerous multipathogen molecular polymerase chain reaction (PCR) panels. We evaluated the BD MAX™ (BD Diagnostics, USA) system and compared the results with conventional methods used in our microbiology laboratory to determine if this approach could be implemented as a routine analysis. We also highlighted the practical advantages of a multipathogen molecular panel: reduction of the number of needed technologists needed per day to perform microbiological stool analyzes, easier stock management, and complete traceability for each clinical sample of reagents, expiry date, and user. Moreover, the the BD MAX™ system is easy to use, requires minimal training, and the bidirectional connection with the Laboratory Information System enables a more reliable encoding of the results. In some laboratories, molecular panels already replace conventional methods. Some of these panels’ performances are very satisfactory and their cost are gradually becoming more affordable. Each microbiology laboratory can therefore consider the integration of a multipathogen molecular PCR panel in their routine work.

What is already known about the topic?

Gastrointestinal infections = leading cause of health care consultations

Syndromic approach with multipathogen molecular PCR panels = very efficient but expensive

What does this article teach us?

Practical advantages of the syndromic approach in a peripheral lab: turnaround time of the results, technician’s time, integration in the analytical flow, and stock management

Key Words

BD MAX™, diarrheal disease, enteric panels, infectious diarrhea, gastrointestinal, PCR multiplex