Concerning stigmatization, reflections about a case of Percheron’s stroke in psychiatric expertise

Muriel Boven (*), Sylvain Dal (**) Published in the journal : May 2022 Category : Psychiatrie

Summary :

Given that health is considered “the silence of organs”, let’s open our ears. Following a psychiatric expertise in the emergency room, a dementia post-Percheron’s stroke was diagnosed. In this context, the authors asked themselves whether stigmatization had played a potential role in the difficulty of establishing the diagnosis. The authors thus attempted to highlight its existence, in addition to its link with mental related issues and its consequences, while also providing suggestions for prevention. Understanding this condition is critical to be in a better position to face it and improve the healthcare quality. In this article, the authors have also stressed the importance of a good partnership between psychiatrists and physicians.

What is already known about the topic?

- Percheron’s cerebrovascular accident (CVA) results from the occlusion of Percheron’s artery leading to bithalamic infarction. As the clinical features are very diverse, they often contribute to the difficulty of establing the diagnosis.

- Stigmatization is a drag on healthcare quality.

What does this article bring up for us?

This article in meant to be a reflection on stigmatization and aimed to better understand it, prevent it, and improve healthcare quality, as well.

Key Words

Stigmatization, Percheron’s stroke, psychiatric expertise