Screening and prevention of Alzheimer's disease before memory loss: news and perspectives

Bernard Hanseeuw Published in the journal : September 2017 Category : Prix Simonart 2017

Over the past few years, clinical research dedicated to preclinical Alzheimer’s disease has considerably intensified. In vivo markers of Alzheimer’s disease paved the way for (1) studies investigating the association between pathology and cognitive decline and (2) the launch of the very first preventive trials. Besides brain autopsy, cerebrospinal fluid analyses along with amyloid- and tau-specific radiotracers are now used to detect Alzheimer’s disease. Further advances are expected in coming years, with an improved specificity of tau tracers, novel therapeutic targets, and a continuing increase in our understanding of Alzheimer’s biological processes.

Key Words

Alzheimer’s disease, PET-scan, Amyloid, Tau, Aging

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