A new health care system is needed!

Philippe A. Coucke Published in the journal : April 2020 Category : Médecine et société

Our health care system is not sustainable anymore. A new ecosystem is absolutely mandatory. The key elements of this new system are as follows: Internet of Things (IoT), big data, artificial intelligence, as well cloud and blockchain. In such a system, patients become connected “objects” within the IoT and, hence, produce a real continuous tsunami of data. To transform this enormous amount of data in useful information, we need artificial intelligence. This will allow for the evolution towards refined and personalized diagnostics and treatment decisions.

Worldwide demographics are at the origin of the shift towards connected health care and “offshoring”, both for primary and specialized care. The connection of patient results within a continuous data flux characterized by big volumes, variability and velocity. In order not to bias artificial intelligence, we must ensure data veracity. Automation becomes mandatory in all sectors of human activity, inclusive health care. This will likely be a perfect opportunity to come back to the real values in health care: communication, teamwork, and human empathy.

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Future challenges for academic hospitals

Marc Decramer Published in the journal : July 2019 Category : Médecine et société

Despite the sustained discussions and consultations of these recent years about hospital networks and the role of different hospitals, still much ambiguity exists as to the role of academic hospitals. This analysis puts innovation in medicine forward as the primary mission of these hospitals. Academic hospitals currently face a multitude of challenges, such as the lack of financial resources for academic missions and the concentration of complex and rare diseases, to only name the most important ones.

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