Psychological health following pregnancy termination

Xavier De Muylder (1), Wallys Willaert (2) Published in the journal : September 2021 Category : Gynecology and Obstetrics

The presence of psychological sequelae among women that have undergone induced abortion is still a controversial issue in the scientific literature. In order to clarify this further, we first constructed a questionnaire and then analyzed the answers from 100 women, at more than one year following the abortion. The results revealed that a quarter of these women still presented signs of major distress. However, it must also be stressed that another quarter declared they went serenely through this interruption, without any adverse outcome. These observations could be of interest to all those who take care of women experiencing unwanted pregnancy.

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An uncommon case of ectopic pregnancy: cornual pregnancy after salpingectomy

C. Bentin, F. Grandjean Published in the journal : December 2016 Category : Gynecology and Obstetrics

This is a case report describing an ectopic pregnancy occurring in the remnant stump following salpingectomy. A pregnancy implanted in this location appears very uncommon, thereby rendering the correct diagnosis challenging. This contribution comprises a case description, a presentation of the different diagnostic and therapeutic methods available to date, as well as a succinct literature review. We have also highlighted the requirement of performing salpingectomy by sectioning the isthmus of the uterine tube at the uterine horn, then coagulating the horn's intramural portion. Lastly, we have taken into consideration a series of practical recommendations.

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M. Luyckx, J. Squifflet, J.F. Baurain, D. Bourgonjon, A. Gerday, P. Laurent, C. Pirard, C. Watremez, F. Roelandt, C. Rousseau, M. Berlière, Ch. Wyns Published in the journal : February 2016 Category : Gynecology and Obstetrics

The gynecology-andrology department presents several major innovations developed in 2015. Advances have been achieved in the fields of both treatment strategies, as illustrated by the implementation of the sentinel node technique for pelvic cancers, and of quality of life during patient care, especially via using hypnosis while treating benign and malignant breast diseases or in reproductive medicine.

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