2019 innovations in cardiothoracic surgery

Emiliano Navarra, Valérie Lacroix Published in the journal : February 2020 Category : Chirurgie cardio-thoracique

Minimally-invasive cardiothoracic surgery has been developed to reduce the invasiveness related to conventional cardiothoracic approaches. Robotic technologies, which are among the latest advances in minimally-invasive approaches, have been introduced to improve the operative surgical vision. This objective is achieved by means of extremely performant 3D cameras and full immersion set, enabling an extremely fine dexterity and wider degree of freedom. Using robotic technology, there is an improved comfort for the surgeon owing to improved console ergonomy, in comparison with other minimally-invasive techniques. Concerning thoracic surgery, robotic technologies are currently used to perform lung, lymph nodes, and mediastinal tumor resections.

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