2019 innovations in urology

Emilie Delchambre, Marie-Camille Guerin, François Hervé Published in the journal : February 2020 Category : Urology

Patients with lower urinary tract symptoms often report a decrease in quality of life, with a diminished self-confidence leading to social isolation and depression. Their symptoms are related to the dysfunction of the lower urinary tract, including the detrusor or urinary sphincter, and concern the storage, emptying phase, or both.

The year 2019 has been characterized by scientific findings demonstrating the central effect of botulinum toxin after its injection in the detrusor of patients suffering from overactive bladder. New therapeutic targets have also been evaluated. The past year has emphasized the relevant role of psychological comorbidities in non-obstructive voiding disorders, and our treatment armamentarium has thus been improved. Finally, several multidisciplinary guidelines concerning the workout and treatment of nocturia have been established.

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Retroperitoneal lymph nodes revealing a tuberculous epididymitis: a case report

Félix Kwizera (1), Stéphanie Hublet (1), Antoine Bufkens (1), Jean-Pierre Chami (2), Stéphane Rysselinck (1) Published in the journal : January 2017 Category : Urology

Genito-urinary tuberculosis (GUTB) is a severe form of extra-pulmonary tuberculosis (EPTB). The most commonly affected organs are the epididymis and testis. GUTB diagnosis may prove difficult and is often delayed given that symptoms are non-specific. We have here reported the case of a patient with no history of pulmonary TB, who presented with acute right scrotal pain mimicking an epididymo-orchitis. After failure of antibacterial therapy, we completed the patient's work-up by means of a CT scan that showed progressive retro-peritoneal lymph nodes. Correct diagnosis was made using laparoscopic lymphadenectomy (histology: granulomatous necrotizing lymphadenitis, culture: M. Turberculosis). A tuberculosis treatment was initiated after diagnosis.

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