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Evolution of glycemic control and quality of life of diabetic...

In a population of Type 1 diabetic patients, we have evaluated the medium-term impact following the introduction of the FreeStyle Libre (FSL) glucose self-monitoring system on glycemic control, number of hypoglycemia episodes, and patient satisfaction with respect to the device.

A total of 248 patients were included and followed-up for 6 months following the introduction of FSL. The HbA1c levels were 8.1 ± 1.3% at inclusion.

HbA1c was found significantly improved at 6 months, especially in patients with poor glycemic control at inclusion. The number of daily controls was shown to have significantly increased. We have noticed a correlation between the number of scans and time spent within the target levels. The number of hypoglycemia episodes, however, was increased at both 3 and 6 months, despite a reduction in insulin doses. The satisfaction score with respect to the system significantly increased as well, especially in the event of improved glycemic control. The behavior score with respect to the occurrence of hypoglycemia episodes improved as well, with no change in the hypoglycemia fear score.

The FSL use induced an improvement in the glycemic balance of the included Type 1 diabetic patients, especially in case of prior poor glycemic control, which was associated with an improved glycemic control compliance. Satisfaction scores for the system were shown to have improved as well, with patients changing less their daily-life behavior, in an effort to avoid hypoglycemia episodes.

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